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We’ve broadened our horizons here at Accounting People

Thursday, June 18th, 2015


We can imagine that many of you think all of us here at Accounting People just sit behind desks all day looking at legers and figures, and reconciling row after row of numbers. Yes, to a degree that is part of the work we do, but that is more what you might class as bookkeeping. However we look beyond the basic concept of numbers and we need to know all the current tax legislation so that we can advise you accordingly what you can and cannot do financially, and what you should and shouldn’t also do. Here we are involved in accounts for an incredibly diverse range of clients, but more recently we have noticed that word of mouth recommendation has seen our number of clients increase in areas where people have needed accountants for contractors or accountants for IT workers. It seems that in certain fields, specialist knowledge really is a plus and this enables us to effectively and accurately advise our clients to the point where we virtually become the financial controller of their business.

It is perhaps this angle which make accounting so rewarding as we get to know our clients business, and our clients, so the relationship changes and we become “one of the firm”, but without having to pay us a full-time salary. We have also noticed that working in London there has been great demand for us from those needing oil and gas accountants and medical accountants too. Now you couldn’t really have two more diverse areas to work in, but that again is the beauty of being a London accountant – there is such an eclectic mx of clients and businesses out there, right down to engineering – the demand for knowledgeable accountants for engineers is quite remarkable. So whichever field you are involved in, we’d like to think that here at Accounting People we have the broad range of experience necessary to be able to offer you an exceptionally knowledgeable service, and we’d be delighted to chat further with you to reassure you that we know what we are talking about. Please do give us a call.

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