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The clue to what Accounting People stands for is in the name: Accounting People. While it is true that we offer far-reaching accountancy and related services encompassing such areas as audit, bookkeeping, payroll, start-up help, taxation and compliance, we are also very much about people – principally the people that we serve.

But let’s introduce you, first of all, to our own people. Accounting People came into being due to a linkup between Ian Luke and Rashid Iqbal, accountants who met while working together and who went on to form separate accountancy businesses.

Ian and Rashid remained in touch while running their respective companies, frequently calling upon each other as consultants. They became partners in 2012, leading by the end of that year to the formation of Accounting People, which serves clients throughout Watford, Harrow, Stanmore, Wembley and the rest of central London.

We take a bespoke approach

With Rashid having developed his entrepreneurial nous and Ian, an appreciation for the importance of customer satisfaction in their professional lives up to that date, all of the right ingredients were in hand for the success of Accounting People.

The focus of our company is on providing our clients with a genuinely bespoke service. In a departure from the traditional way of doing accounting, we tailor our services squarely around the individual requirements of a vast range of central London individuals, businesses and organisations.

While other accountancy businesses may possess much the same qualifications and knowhow as we do, we are confident that no rival of ours takes such a direct, client-centred approach to its work. By adopting the philosophy of accounting for people first, Accounting People has been able to assist a long list of clients in fulfilling their individual and business objectives.

By contacting the Accounting People team today on 0208 238 5587, you can arrange the initial consultation that could just be the first step to major success for you and your firm.



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