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Personal Tax Planning

Personal tax planning

An increasingly complex tax system is only making it all the more vital to seek the right advice on your personal tax situation, particularly in a climate where the taxpayer is expected to take greater responsibility for ensuring that they get their arrangements right.

The awards for doing so aren’t restricted to avoiding legal troubles. That’s because when you call upon Accounting People’s own personal tax planning experts, you can also significantly reduce what you owe to the tax man, meaning more money to spend on other everyday expenses.

How can a personal tax advisor help me?

There is a wide range of issues with which a personal tax advisor can assist, from income tax, inheritance tax and capital gains tax to cross border tax planning, residence and domicile issues, will planning and trusts and estates. We can also advise you on the optimisation of your tax position when living or working abroad.

So complicated are tax and finances becoming, that that we also often help our clients to create a comprehensive personal finance plan, covering such areas as provision for education costs, retirement planning and estate planning.

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