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Is your business paying out more in tax each year than it strictly needs to? If so, you might be surprised by the sheer extent to which it is doing so. That is why you may contact Accounting People about a business taxation service that helps your company to minimise its tax liability while remaining firmly on the right side of the law.

In advising on your company’s tax exposure and the most appropriate approach, we draw upon an unrivalled knowledge of both UK and international tax systems.

We tailor our service to your company’s precise growth stage and circumstances, and indeed have built a strong reputation for advising businesses ranging from the earliest start-ups to established, industry-leading firms throughout central London.

Tax help at every stage of business growth

From the initial start-up stage right through to the expansions, investment, acquisitions, disposals and raising of finance that power the growth of your business, there is the need for timely and well-informed taxation advice, taking into account both current and upcoming tax law.

That is the kind of advice that we can provide here at Accounting People as part of our complete tailored service, making the suggestions that support your current business circumstances and strategy and long-term objectives.

The situations with which we can assist

There are all manner of specialised issues and circumstances with which we can assist here at Accounting People. You might need guidance on the best approach for your company to take to company cars, accommodation and similar benefits.

Alternatively, you may be wondering whether it would be best to pay your directors by salary or dividend. Other business owners come to us wishing to know how they can minimise their CGT liability when they dispose of assets – to name just one more of a wide range of common queries.

With the help of Accounting People, you can take a genuinely tax-efficient approach to all aspects of your business operations, negotiating all of the common compliance, transaction and planning issues. Allow our friendly and capable team to take the first steps in relieving your tax burden when you call them on 0208 238 5587.


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