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How vital is secure accounting in all businesses?

Thursday, September 17th, 2015


Regardless of the size of your business, a secure accounting system is vital when it comes to protecting your valuable data. From business startups to established corporations, confidential business information should always be kept safe and secure. One of the best ways to ensure your business is protected from any data breaches is through cloud based accounting systems, compared to traditional accountancy, a cloud based system ensures that your data is always there when you need it. If you are looking to update your current accounting system or are setting up your first business and need pointing in the right direction, here are the benefits of switching to a secure online system.

1. Traditional accounting takes time and money, if only one person has access to the accountancy system, it can also limit the option for team collaboration. Businesses who are dealing with a large volume of data will be able to benefit from quick access to accounts and information sharing.

2. Manual accounting systems can often go out of date if the accountancy team are not on top of the data, another benefit of a cloud based platform is that software is constantly updated and accessible by authorised users, allowing businesses to update accordingly without having to rely on one manual resource. The team collaboration aspect is also invaluable, allowing multi user access for approved staff members and tax specialists who may be carrying out audits.

3. Visibility is key in any business, regardless of the size. By using cloud based software for accountancy needs, business owners can stay connected to their data which is easily accessible via an internet connection. For those worried about the security, the cloud is one of the most secure places to store data, whereas physical data storage such as a computer hard drive or a USB pen is vulnerable, the restrictions and protection placed on cloud based accounts is second to none.

Clarity is key when it comes to business data and using an airtight accountancy system should be a priority for all business owners. By taking away the worry associated with data breaches and out of date information, businesses are able to concentrate on what really matters, safe in the knowledge that their valuable information is protected at all times. For more information on choosing the right accountancy system, contact a member of the team for a range of accountancy resources.

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