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Accounting People – not just understanding accountancy but understanding your business too

Sunday, June 14th, 2015

Our role as accountants at Accounting People is as wide and varied as you could possibly imagine. We are fortunate enough to have a wide cross-section of clients ranging from individual self-employed people right through to substantial businesses. In addition, because we are London accountants, we become involved in some exceptionally complicated businesses. To be effective accountants we can’t simply rely on being provided with a business – paperwork once a month along with a copy of the bank statements. A good firm of accountants has to understand the business in order for the figures to reveal their true secrets. For example there is no need to panic desperately in October when turnover and profit begin to fall dramatically for a business making ice cream, but if they don’t begin to increase in May and June, then you need to investigate what is wrong. That has to be taken a step further when you talk about Accounting People acting as accountants for contractors, accountants for IT workers, medical accountants, oil and gas accountants or even accountants for engineers. We need to understand all these fields so we know what purchases can be written off over a year, two years or five years, just as one example.

As we get to know you we get to know more about your business, and we have a great advantage over any business owner when it comes to overseeing the financial health of a business. We are detached from it. We are not the company but we act for the company, allowing us ample distance to look objectively at everything that is going on. At Accounting People, numbers speak to us in a very similar way to the way words speak to you. Accountancy is like learning a foreign language, or indeed a number of foreign languages. So whether you are looking for medical accountants, oil and gas accountants, accountants for IT workers or contractors, then please do give us a call at Accounting People as we speak the same language you do…

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