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Accounting People aim to be the best at what they specialise in

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015


There is an old expression that refers to someone who is able to multitask as a jack of all trades, but a master of none. In simple terms, it is possible to be good at everything, but never brilliant at one thing in particular. Well here at Accounting People we have tried to improve a little on that expression, mainly on ensuring that our accounting skills are very much the best around, but that we can also specialise in certain fields where in-depth knowledge of tax legislation is absolutely essential. It is for that reason that here at Accounting People we decided to become experts in the following areas:

  • Accountants for contractors
  • Accountants for IT workers
  • Oil & gas accountants
  • Medical accountants
  • Accountants for engineers

What is interesting is that the knowledge required for each of these fields is so diverse and it certainly confirms that where accountancy is concerned, it is definitely not a case of ‘one size fits all’, in other words you can’t apply what you know about one sector of business to another. To a degree that has to be logical as you can’t have the same tax regulations for a self-employed one man SME as you can a multinational corporation such as Cadbury Schweppes or Dulux.

It is the same where you look at accountants for contractors against accountants for IT workers, or accountants for engineers against accountants for medical professionals. You couldn’t find more diverse industries to work in, so the accountancy procedures have to be equally as diverse. Over recent years we have found that specialising in a number of specific fields has proved immensely beneficial to our clients in these industries. So, if you are also involved in any of these fields and would welcome the services of an extremely knowledgeable firm of accountants, please do call us at Accounting People – we’d love to have a chat with you and explain how we can help you best.

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